First Adventure

The player went back to his hometown because one of his childhood friends had been murdered. After finding out his friend was called while protecting the town’s granary from looters that had recently appeared he followed the tracks into the forest. After marching for about a day the player came upon a group of goblins relaxing around a fire. To catch them off guard the player used a cantrip to create a sound on the opposite side of the campsite from him and attacked the goblins. After easily dispatching two of the goblins, the player opted to keep the third alive for questioning. The goblin, being an evil, nasty and uncooperative creature, did not answer any questions and the player bashed its head in so it wouldn’t warn the others he was coming.

After exploring the area around the campsite the player found two areas of interest, an old collapsed and overgrown tower and a chasm with a rope ladder leading down into it. Fearing that the chasm might be the lair of something beyond his capabilities, the player went to the tower to examine it. Unfortunately the tower was just a ruin.

The player decides to risk descending the rope ladder and discovers that about halfway down there’s an opening in the wall of the chasm that leads to an ancient storeroom, now filled with debris and rotting food. Exiting the storeroom he comes to the central room of the ‘dungeon’ and finds that it is in fact a floor of the old tower complex. After killing the goblins that had used the old sleeping quarters/barracks of the tower as their own sleeping quarters the player comes upon a hallway with a dead goblin in it. After some dungeoneering the player discovered that the goblin had died because he (or she) had triggered the spear trap in the hallway. After some clever maneuvering the player reached the door that led to the armory, unfortunately he did not have the magical key necessary to open it. The player decides to go up a floor and discovers the room where the goblin leader and his subcommander are staying. After a hard battle the player finally defeats the creatures and searches the room. The center of the room is dominated by a giant pit of sand with mystical and magical symbols drawn in it and tiny fragments of crystal are scattered all through the room. In one corner of the room there is a desk with a skeleton in front of it, in this desk the player discovers an old diary. The diary tells part of a story (because of the damage to the diary). When the writer was still alive there was a terrible war going on and his side was losing, to close something they were creating focal points or Nexus towers. The final entry was that everybody had left and that the writer was going to activate the spell which would seal him in the tower.



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