The Third Adventure

Just a 'short story' this time.


The player was contacted by the Merchant's Guild about a town called 'Greenbrier'. Nobody had heard from the town in a while and a couple of merchants had disappeared after visiting the town.

The player negotiated with the merchant's guild and received a white stallion named 'Ash' as part of his payment.

The next day the player rode into Greenbrier which had turned into a ghost town. Using his tracking skills (which are impressive, for a wizard) he found  the trail of a group of goblins which he followed to a cave.
Behind some stalagmites there was a crack in the wall of the cave which was barely visible. Behind this crack lay a bigger cave, or an extension of the cave.
The player snuck up on a goblin which was snacking on the severed limb of a small child and tried to reason with it.
The goblin wasn't interested in talking and reached for his short sword. The player Feystepped and grabbed the goblins sword before it had the chance to fully unsheath it.
After interrogating the goblin the player made him flee the cave.
The player continued his exploration of the cave and was forced to kill several goblins before finally coming face to face with the leader. Being thoroughly disgusted by the fact that the goblins had used the people of the town of Greenbrier as their food supply he didn' t try to reason with the leader and his guards but instead chose to immediately attack.

After easily dispatching the goblins the wizard was forced to leave the town of Greenbrier with nothing to show for it except the knowledge of the fate of its inhabitants.




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